nVision takes school business management to the next level with powerful features and functionality that meet the challenges facing today’s school districts and municipalities. Our software provides business offices with a high-performing application that improves efficiency and streamlines business operations better than ever!

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Timepiece, a real-time, fully integrated time and attendance management software solution for municipalities and school districts, is a comprehensive, scalable and flexible solution that can operate as a stand-alone system or as a fully integrated module of the Finance Manager product suite.

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Web Self-Service Applications

The next generation of Finance Manager products designed to enhance your business  with safety at the forefront. Built, run, and managed on Microsoft Azure Cloud platform that features multi-layered security powered by Microsoft cyber security experts and backed by 95% of Fortune 500 companies.


                                                             Experience nVision                                                                   Our fully integrated financial and human resources software solution for
New York K-12 School Districts.

Simplify Data Management
Our flexible and high performing solution improves efficiency and streamlines operations. The fully integrated suite of modules allow administrators and staff to easily access relevant and real-time information, promoting better decision-making.






Human Resources


Informational Dashboards
Position Control
NYS State & Federal Reporting

Time & Attendance Management

ACA Compliance
Integrated Web Products


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